Miss Cozy Lunch has left the building!

Rumor is she's run away and established herself in a Sedona taqueria, drinking sangria before noon, beading jewelry, selling fajitas with locally sourced ingredients and raising show-quality Chihuahuas. Or not.

Tygart Trading Post - CarrChinaCompany.com

The truth is that we've gone through our inventory, sold locally what wasn't selling online, and nudged our way into our other online shop, Tygart Trading Post. The new and much improved store is now designed for tablets and phones (though of course the photos always show up better on old-school computers). Either way, there are still just as many images to show our ware. Our aim is to give you nearly as much information as if you were holding the treasure in your hands.

Miss Cozy Lunch has always had its own vibe: the vintage flip-top bowls and quick lunch plates, and these are still very much in evidence at Tygart Trading Post. She's just having to share space with an impressive assortment of railroad and topmarked china, and so very much Carr China. But that's fair; the shop is after all part of the Carr China Company website and specializes in the distinctive designs made for West Virginia's State Parks.

One thing that Cozy Lunch fans might like is the distinctive, handmade broken pottery jewelry, because in every life, a plate will fall.

Broken China Jewelry carrchinacompany.com/store

Come see our new digs at Tygart Trading Post and drop us a line if there's anything you're looking for. If we don't have it, we might know where to find it!